Grace Village's "Resources For Seniors" Seminar Series

Information & Resources To Help Seniors And Their Families

As part of our commitment to truly Making A Difference in the lives of our residents and the seniors of our community, Grace Village is pleased to launch a series of seniors-oriented information seminars in support of our own residents, their families and the seniors of the community.  This series will be presented in English - French seminars can be planned based on demand - in partnership with a variety of key community resources. We will benefit from ongoing participation by Wade Lynch of Bishop's University and the Bishop's Seniors Academy for Lifelong Learning (SALL) where he is Director. You can use the form below to submit questions or suggest topics of interest for future seminars.

These seminars will be held at 6:30PM on the last Tuesday of each month, in Grace Village's Grand Hall. There is no charge but if the seminar is of value to you we would appreciate a small donation from each attendee following the seminar, e.g. $5, to cover the costs of the refreshments and facility cleanup.

2019 Seminar Schedule

Confidence With Computers For Seniors

Beginner level familiarity with computer hardware operation, email, simple browsing, very basic security practices and maybe a quick intro to Facebook / other social media.  The goal - enable seniors to communicate more comfortably and securely, share photos and experiences etc. with family and friends.

This session will be given by Scott Stoddard, Manager of IT Support Services at Bishop's University, assisted by three of his IT Help Desk specialists. 


Access to English Language Healthcare Services

NOTE: Seminar will be held at 2:30pm

Due to popular request, Angela Moore, the Estrie regional English Language Complaints Advisor for CAAP-Estrie (Centre d'Assistance et d'Accompagnement Aux Plaintes) will repeat the May 28 presentation.  CAAP is a non-profit organization that assists and accompanies users of public healthcare services. 

Angela will again explain in detail the access rights of Anglophones to healthcare services, particularly seniors, and describe how we can go through her to resolve service complaints and issues.


Refresher:  Financial / Tax Planning For Seniors

Due to popular request we will present a review and update of the highly appreciated March 26 seminar that clearly and simply described key investment alternatives and their respective tax and yield advantages, in preparation for the end of the year and tax time!

This update will again be given by Peter Provencher, a certified financial planner with a heart for seniors who is a member of our Dr. W.J. Klinck Foundation.

Time: 6:30PM


Future Seminar Topics: Dates And Speakers to be Confirmed

Local / Community Gardening For Seniors

To be presented in collaboration with Bishop's University - a local gardening concept in which seniors can participate within a community context.

Nutrition And Diet Guidelines For Seniors

Practical guidelines for a healthy nutrition plan specific to seniors' diet requirements, physical abilities and lifestyle.

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