Living with Dementia

January is Alzheimer's Awareness month, and the theme presented by the Alzheimer's Society of Canada this year is "Yes, I live with Dementia. Let me help you understand." The goal of this campaign is to share stories of those affected by dementia to reduce stigma and increase understanding about life with the disease.

To participate in the campaign, Grace Village has asked Terry Skeats, whose wife lives at Grace Village, to share more on his journey and what he has learnt from caring for his wife through her years with Alzheimer's Disease. 

Having a Senior Moment

Have you ever heard the saying “Having a senior moment” when talking about memory loss? How about hearing Alzheimer’s referred to as “Old-timers”? Many things in our society would lead you to believe that Dementia is a normal part of the aging process, however this is not the case. Not all older adults develop a form of Dementia. Not all older adults with memory problems are caused by Dementia. Other problems include regular aging, medical conditions, and emotional problems.

7 Common Misconceptions about Dementia

Dementia has become a prevalent discussion in our country, particularly since more than 419,000 Canadians are currently diagnosed with Dementia and 78,000 new cases are expected each year (According to Canada’s Dementia Strategy). However, there are still so many misconceptions preventing us from fully understanding Dementia and those dealing with it. We have compiled a list of a few misconceptions surrounding Dementia from The Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, Golden Carers, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

What is Memory Care?

Today on The Village Blog, we're going to look at What is Memory Care, and what sets it apart from other forms of care you might find in a long-term care facility like Grace Village.