Preventing the Flu

As winter continues, it seems the topic on everyone’s mind is the Flu Virus. It is not uncommon to hear stories at your workplace, children’s school, or other organization concerning cases of people staying home because of flu symptoms. This week on the Village Blog, we go over some of the basic ways to protect yourself from the flu and prevent the spreading of germs during the Flu Viruses busiest season.

Fitness for Seniors

At Grace Village, the overall Health & Wellness of the residents is our top priority. That’s why we pride ourselves on our phenomenal care staff, but that’s also why it was important for us to include Fitness as a big goal for our residents for 2020.

Who Should Get the Flu Shot

November 1st launches the Annual Flu Vaccine Campaign of 2019-2020. Grace Village will again participate on November 6th by hosting our own Annual Flu Vaccine Clinic. Having the flu shot is your best defence against the flu. It can save lives, protect against sickness and shields those people close to you.

Fall Prevention Part Two Plan of Action

Join us for our two-part series on Fall Prevention. Last week we summarized some of the risk factors for older adults and falling. This week we will look at a plan of action to prevent falls!


Fall Prevention Part One Risk Factors

Join us for our two-part series on Fall Prevention. This week we will be discussing the risk factors most commonly associated with falls, what to do after you ahve your first fall, and have provided a quick self-assessment to help you begin the discussion about your own Fall Prevention Plan!