The Grand Parade 2021

The Grand Parade was a great success! La Grande Parade a été un grand succès !

Living with Dementia

January is Alzheimer's Awareness month, and the theme presented by the Alzheimer's Society of Canada this year is "Yes, I live with Dementia. Let me help you understand." The goal of this campaign is to share stories of those affected by dementia to reduce stigma and increase understanding about life with the disease.

To participate in the campaign, Grace Village has asked Terry Skeats, whose wife lives at Grace Village, to share more on his journey and what he has learnt from caring for his wife through her years with Alzheimer's Disease. 

Benefits of Being a Teaching Environment

Over the course of a year, Grace Village welcomes over 100 different students in a wide range of programs. Young people have been back in class for about a month now, so this week on the Village Blog we wanted to share about how this opportunity impacts us as an organization, and how this in turn benefits the students.

Summer Students at Grace Village

Grace Village was pleased to welcome two Summer Students this year, Khalilah & Cleo. We asked them to share a little about their roles, and what they enjoyed about being part of our team!

(Photos: On the left, Khalilah enjoys an outing to Coaticook Ice Cream with a resident. On the right, Cleo (right) works with a volunteer serving Waffles in the Bistro.)