Many types of items may be donated, and receipts are issued for donation of physical goods. Receipts can only be issued for a donation of services if the services donated comply with Canada Revenue Agency procedures. 

Donated material can include collections such as books, artwork, stamps etc.  To issue a tax receipt, the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) requires official documentation (e.g. a sales receipt) or an independent appraisal of the item’s fair market value.

Grace Village and the Grace Village Care Foundation reserve the right to make all final decisions on internal use, potential sale for fund raising purposes or possible disposal of all donated goods.

Tax Receiptable Donations

In order to ensure that all gifts-in-kind comply with CRA regulations, they will be reviewed prior to being finalized and processed by an appraiser working with Grace Village and the Grace Village Care Foundation.   

Income tax receipts can be provided for items such as:

  • Donations of items valued at $100 or more (unless otherwise indicated) where a fair market value can be verified.  This could include art collections, libraries, equipment, furniture etc.

  • Donations of physical goods, including from the inventory of a business.

  • Gift certificates that have been purchased by an individual and donated to a Grace Village campaign.

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