Grace Village Seniors:  Amazing People, Fascinating Life Stories!

Think about it -120 Senior Townshippers with centuries of experiences, successes, stories and knowledge among them!  They helped build our communities, raised and fed us, taught and supported us, grew and sold us what we needed to live, cleared our roads, built our houses and were our friends.

Guess what - they are still here for us to appreciate, enjoy and learn from ...
... and to consider an opportunity to contribute to their care and quality of life!

Some Of The People Who Live At Grace Village

Celebrating Our Teachers:  A Legacy Of Teaching And Mentoring!

The educators who put their hearts and souls into educating us and our children may be seniors and no longer so much in public view, but their stories are as interesting as ever!  At Grace Village we celebrate the educators who live here and we are privileged to still be able to learn from them. 

You can too!  Just click below.

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Amazing Talent Cannot Remain Hidden!

Do you think you need to visit an art gallery to appreciate beautiful works of art and incredible artistic talent?  Think again!  

Enjoy the company of our Grace Village artists as you enjoy their work and talent.  "Out of sight" in our peaceful country environment will not mean "out of mind" once you have discovered the artists and their treasures at Grace Village.

Come visit ... and enjoy.  Click below.

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Grace Village Sweethearts:  Doing It Right!

There are many things we can learn from the successes of the seniors who live at Grace Village.  We are fortunate to be able to enjoy and share the examples and advice of a number of couples who have shown us what commitment lasting over six decades looks like.

In February 2019 CBC Radio did a special on love stories at Grace Village.

Click below and enjoy!

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Birthdays ... And More Birthdays ... To Celebrate!

With an average age of 90 among our 120 seniors, there are too many milestones, life stories and adventures to list. Just the candles alone for the birthday cakes would contribute to global warming if we were to use candles for everyone in the monthly birthday parties!

While every birthday is special, some stand out - we think you will agree.  With four of our seniors over the century mark, celebrating 100th birthdays are highlights that everyone enjoys.

Click below for one example of a special 100th birthday celebration.

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Your Opportunity: Click Below To See How You Can Contribute