COVID-19 Status Update

Update July 20

Here is our latest update on our current COVID-19 status. We continue to follow the directives from the CIUSSSE-CHUS that apply to private seniors’ residences. We invite you to take note of the following information:
Due to the rise of positive COVID-19 cases in our community, the medical mask and frequent hand hygiene will be maintained during all visits at Grace Village. 

As an important note, we ask that you postpone your visit if you have a fever or symptoms of an infection or illness (i.e., stomach flu, cold, etc.). If a new COVID-19 outbreak occurs, visits will again be limited. If we have two positive cases of COVID-19, we are considered in an outbreak. The outbreak status remains effective for a minimum of 10 days following the last day of the last person out of isolation.

If a resident shows any COVID-19 symptoms, they are immediately tested. If a resident is exposed to an employee or visitor who tests positive, the resident is monitored for COVID-19 symptoms up to 14 days.

Sandra Klinck, Director of Care, or Jill Guthrie, Nurse Supervisor, will communicate directly with mandataries in the event a resident test positive.

Booster vaccination

The CIUSSSE-CHUS team will be returning to Grace Village between August 15 and September 25 for the 5th booster vaccine and for those residents who were not eligible during their last visit.


Arrangements can be made for you to have a meal with your loved one in our Bistro area. Please book 24 hours in advance, Monday to Friday, with Alexandra Zirkelbach at extension 5011 and purchase your meal ticket(s) at the Business Office. You will be charged if you are not able to come and you did not cancel your reservation. Please consult our new summer menu at

Recreation & Leisure

The month of July welcomes back our Grand Tours of England, Scotland and Wales series with Richard Strout. It is a month filled with themed weeks. The residents will take part in Around the World activities such as a virtual cruise. They will learn about different artists as well as create their own art. We will finish off the month with Christmas in July. For more information, please consult our Activities Calendar posted on our website at

5 Year Celebration of the Grace Village Care Pavilion – Postponed

The Strawberry Social scheduled on July 16 was postponed. We will notify you when it is rescheduled. This home was built with the generous support of our donors, for which we are truly grateful. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with residents, staff, and the incredible Grace Village community in the near future. 

Dental Clinic at Grace Village

We are proud to announce the opening of the dental clinic at Grace Village. Louise Biron, Dental Hygienist, has started to offer oral health evaluations, professional dental cleanings, and preventative follow-ups. Several residents have already benefited from this new service. Contact Marie-Josée Hotte at extension 5030 to make an appointment.

Volunteer Opportunity - Drivers for appointments

If you enjoy good company and conversation, we invite you to volunteer as a designated driver to accompany our residents to appointments. Your mileage will be paid, and you will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the life of seniors in your community.

We would like to continue to recognize the hard work and dedication of our staff and volunteers over the past few months. It takes a “village” to care for our residents. We also recognize the tremendous support from the community which is invaluable. We are very grateful.

As always, the safety and wellbeing of our residents remains our top priority. Please feel free to contact us at (819) 569-0546 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments. 

On behalf of the Leadership team,

Brigitte Lambert

Executive Director | Grace Village (819) 569-0546 x5001

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