The Grace Village Advancement (Capital) Fund

The Vision

Aging infrastructure and extensive building code changes effective in 2018 required the Board of Directors of the Massawippi Retirement Communities in 2014 to develop a new facility strategy and business plan.

With significant input from our Eastern Townships community, a combined management and volunteer project team developed a sweeping Vision for Renewal that resulted in a new state-of-the-art 120 room Care Pavilion offering an expanded continuum of care model for our seniors, celebrated with a grand opening in July 2017!

Grace Village Today

The move in July 2017 and the transition of our residents from the old buildings to the new Grace Village Care Pavilion was a massive undertaking.  However the accommodations, environment and opportunities for service for our residents (now at full capacity of 120), staff (130 full and part time) and volunteers (100+), have met and surpassed expectations. 

Relaxing in the beautiful & secure interior courtyard gardens, enjoying a residence-wide special event or weekly bingo and carpet bowling with family and friends in the Grand Hall, or even popping by our Bistro for a coffee, a muffin and a chat - everyone has benefited from and enjoyed the revitalized community the new Grace Village has enabled.

Grace Village's Future

The success of Phase 1 - the new Grace Village Care Pavilion - and the generosity of our donors in making it possible through the Grace Village Care Foundation Capital Campaign has been nothing short of a miracle.

However there is still a substantial financial
requirement to be met in 2020!

As a private not-for-profit organization with no government funding, our Grace Village Advancement Fund (Capital Campaign) still has several million dollars to raise to meet financial commitments over the next two years. In order to meet our final 2019 / 2020 Phase 1 commitment and fund the next development phases we need support from a broader base of Townshippers and former Townshippers (do we ever really become former Townshippers?!) who are concerned for the welfare of the seniors who helped build our communities.

Looking ahead, as donation funding allows, plans have been drafted and preliminary steps initiated for the next phases, with potential examples shown in this rendition image as 11 additional semi-detached Independent Living bungalows (upper right - 22 living units) and a 43-unit apartment complex (lower right) for Independent Living where closer access to medical and living support from the current main Care Pavilion (figure 8-shaped building at the left) is needed.

Donate Now

You can mail in a donation (cash or cheque) to:

Grace Village Care Foundation
1515, rue Pleasant View
Sherbrooke, QC  J1M 0C6

...or you can easily and quickly donate online:

Campaign FAQ


The original Capital Campaign financial objective was $15,000,000 in donations and pledges spread over 5 years. There is still a need for approximately $2 million in donations and pledges by the end of 2021 to meet this goal.


Yes. Donors may spread their contribution to the remaining Phase 1 requirements over 2 years and to Phase 2 expansion over up to 5 years, allowing Grace Village and the Grace Village Care Foundation to meet the obligations of both current and future development and renewal projects.



The Grace Village & Grace Village Care Foundation’s boards of directors, committee members and staff have all contributed, and we are seeking the support of friends, local businesses, private foundations, families as well as any Townshipper who wants to support the seniors who built the Townships that we grew up in.



Yes. The Grace Village Care Foundation is a registered charity. Your donation will result in an official receipt being issued for income tax purposes.

Our Amazing Advancement Fund Supporters



Annie Abdulla

Darlene & Harold Albrecht

Jim Fraser & Carol Alette

Alimentation Robert Lafond

Bruce & Audrey Allanson

Brian & Tanya Allatt

Michael Allatt

Reg & Philippa Allatt

Robert Allatt

Stephen & Barbara Allatt

Scott & Beth Allatt

Allatt Family Foundation

Chris & Karen Allatt Hornibrook

Judy Anderson

Cynthia Andrews

Elmer & Sheila Andrews

Marion Annesley

Carole & Aline Anto

Arlie C. Fearon Transport Inc.

Gerald Armstrong

Army Navy Air Force Ladies

Michael Atkin

Jim Atto

Lewis R Aulis

Debra Austin

James R. Baker

The Bannerman Foundation

Dorothy Baranek

Gordon Barnett

Anne Psaila Beardmore

Douglas & Gladys Beattie

Beryl Beckwith

Cindy Beland

Stanley Bell

Arnold Bell

Jacqueline & Claude Belleau

Donald & Lucie Bellehumeur

Laurence & Janet Bennett

Riva Benson

Pamela Bertram

Joyce Berwick

Sandra Biduk

Ronald B. Bishop

Joan Bishop

Greg Bishop & Donna Barker

Sue & Robert Black

Robert Blackwood

Roland & Lucille Blair

Blanchard Litho Inc.

Gesner Blenkhorn

BNP Performance

Corinne Bobbitt

Denis Boisvert

Alain Bouffard

Sylvie Bourdeau

Germain Boutin

Hugh Bowen

Heather Bowman

Jessica Boyd

Maurice & Judith Bradley

Raymond Brassard

Rodney & Marilyn Bray

Bridge Club - CFUW Sherbrooke

John & June Britt

Janet Broadhurst

Keith Broadhurst

Harry W Brown

Judith Ann Brown

Norma Brown

Keith & Marguerite Brown

Larry Bryan

Shirley Bryan

Margaret & Gerry Bryant

Douglas Buchanan

Bureautique N. Maltais Inc.

Robert Burns

William Roy Buttery

Jonathan Buzzell

Charlie & Janet Carman

Bryan Carruthers - Campbell, Bellam & Associes Inc.

Andrea Carter

Lynn Cass

Douglas S Cassidy

Alice Castonguay

Serge Castonguay

Thomas Cavanagh

Michel Chabot

Benoit Chapdelaine

Claude Charron

Celine Chartier

Louise Chartier

Allen & Anne Chase

Margaret Cheal

Rock Chretien

Terry Chute

David & Mary Clark

Ron & Roberta Clark

Eileen Clarke

Clarke & Fils

Jill Cobbett

Dian Cohen

Coiffure l'Air du Temps

Bertrand Collins

M Allison Connelly

Wendell & Myrna Conner

Kim Connor

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Dr. Alain Côté

Esther Cowhard

Lillian & William Cox

Remi Crepeau

Barry Crook

Joan Crook

Bill & Linda Crook

Mike Crook

James Crook & Chantal Touzin

Deborah Crook-Hudon

Karolynn Csiszer

Robert Daignault

Tennesha Danforth

Benoit Viens & Mary-Ann Darby

Katherine Davey

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Noella Dawson

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Richard Desrosiers

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Elizabeth Ann Dohan

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Jimmy Donnachie - Mini-Entreposage Lennoxville

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Jan Draper

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Cynthia Drew

Donald & Eileen Drew

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Joan Drinkwater

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Bruce & Wendy Durrant

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Alberta Everett

Faith Foundation

Dale & Gail Farrell

Jill Fischer

William & Jill Fischer

Linda Fisk

Nick Fitzsimmons

Robert & Muriel Fitzsimmons

Jonathan Fortier

Duncan Fortier (In memory of/En Mémoire de Shirley Fortier)

David Fraser

Diane Fraser-Keet

John & Merle Frazer

Robert Frazer

Friendship Lodge - Masonic Foundation of Quebec

Molly Fripp

Sandra Gallichon

Jean-Pierre Garant

Lois B Garneau

France Gauthier

Benoit & Brenda Gauthier

Sharon Gautrey

Joan Gill

Global Excel Management

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Grace Gospel Hall

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Ella Grieve-Bell

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John & Donna Haffenden

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Carrol Haller

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Robert Halsall

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Député de Saint-François Guy Hardy

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Kristina Hartwell

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Donald Clare Hill

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Denise Gagnon Hinrichs

Bernard Hodge

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Grace E Hornibrook

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Linda Hoy

Dorothy Hudon

Ronald & Deborah Hudon

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Sharon Hughes

Wendy Hughes

Victoria Hughes-Games Crook

Byron & Elizabeth Humphrey

Stuart Humphries & Julie Bishop

James Innes

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Helen Jackson

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Craig Johnson

Valerie Johnson Fortin

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Peter & Carolyn Jones

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Joel & Sarah Klinck

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Charles Kobelt

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Earl Lancaster

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Peter Langford

Roberta Langford & Eddie G. Cone

David Larin

Gloria Laroche (Luce)

Lucie Lavalee Bertrand

M. Carol Lawrence

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